Reflections on Inspiration

As a blogger intent on documenting my victories and struggles as a writer, I am back to journal a couple of events that have taken place in the past two days that have been particularly encouraging to me as a writer.  First, as I was fishing through all the Facebook messages, invitations, requests, photos, etc. (endless) I decided to look at PK’s blog. It is beautiful and part of the reason I decided to create this blog. Even though PK is a photographer and I am a poet, his demonstration of his love for art moved me.  Thank you PK.

Anyway, the other event was my weekly stop at Paneras at the Fort on Tuesday evenings. I had gotten in the habit of spending Tuesday evenings, when not in Women Writing For (a) Change workshops, in Paneras Bakery. The atmosphere last night was intoxicating. I got the sofa beside the fireplace, there were only a few people in the restaurant and I got cozy while contemplating my writing life. I needed this so much…needed to affirm within myself that (1) I am a writer, a poet and (2) what I have to say does matter.

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