Gray Days

Today is day 5 or 6 (I cannot recall now) of gray skies. Miraculously I am not in the doldrums like I normally am at this time of year. I made an attempt at writing part 2 of my 4-part series on the seasons.  Here’s what I got so far:

the first day of winter\
and fittingly so

there is a crunch crunch
of last night’s visitation
overshadows us with white
the scent of evergreen and pine
fills the air–cuts through
the aroma of burning wood
and ash
So the next stanza should pick up the ongoing theme of “what do I see around me on this winter day?”, right? But all I see around me or have seen around me is gray skies, brown leaf-less trees, and muddy debris from so much rain. Some day, I will own a home in Florida and the day before Thanksgiving I will go there and not return until mid-March.

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