an amazing experience

Once again, my resolve is galvanized to do something to help the homeless and disadvantaged. Christmas day was dedicated to this. I began by delivering meals to homeless people who live underneath viaducts, bridges and eaves that jut out over sidewalks. It was rainy, so many of the street people had found shelter, but it’s a long night for those who remained outdoors, because daytime temps in the 50s have dropped to nighttime temps in the 20s. It’s  tough to get shut eye when the images of the people I met (like New Shoes) pop into my head as I fall asleep.

So I’m blogging about it. And I’m hoping God sends a poem to me to write about it. I will wait patiently for it, and sit with it until I know what to say. Will I persuade others to be compassionate, or will I do a day-in-the-life-of piece? Who can say.  Perhaps I should spend a little more time on the research before picking up my pen…  Time will definitely tell.  Good night for now.


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