the power of words

it’s goal setting, dream making time for me. I am hoping to continue to work on “first day of winter” and the edits to my chapbook. I’d like the chapbook to flow better–to tell a story. That’s an afternoon in Panera’s if i ever heard one. Writing is lonely work for sure. Perhaps that’s part of its appeal to me. Not just the words, but the work of crafting the words, shaping the words, using the words. The isolation though and the discipline of writing is captivating.

i’m crazy fond of the the meaning of words. the subtle differences in meaning, i.e. transparent versus translucent was the word puzzle that met me this morning. I continue to refine ‘First day of winter”: 

“transparent ribbbons of silver steam
billow across snow dotted
gray and brown rooftops
while casting shadows
in bizarre recitals
staged on the grounds below”

What power words convey. each word in each poem must carry its own weight. That’s a goal for me as a writer for the year to come: make each word carry its own load. Use the dictionary and thesaurus like bibles. forget other methods: strive for excellence.

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