bored and lovin’ it

The first day of the new year was a pleasantly lonely experience. It’s not the usual melancholy affair of my heart in which i bemoan the fact that i’m still single. i don’t even feel single. i feel like love is all around me and I feel the presence of God more and more. so it’s truly a new day for me and i’m glad about it.

Not much to report. didn’t write anything poetic today, just piddled around my house. I made killer pork chops and rice (one of my all-time favorite comfort foods), ate, napped and watched a football game. Well not exactly watched the game–more like left the tv on while i continued to piddle around the house.

when i leave the blog i return to practicing the crochet broomstick stitch. a year is a long time and i have managed to forget the stitch. Oh well, ho-hum. pretty boring really. and i’m loving every minute of it because within 72 hours it will all be threatened with extinction–unless i fight for my quiet creative Kuumba time.

Happy New Year.


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