letter to a friend

today i chatted via e-mail with a writing buddy who has managed to drag some of the old shoulda, coulda, wouldas into the new year. i gave her my “saged” wisdom in 3 parts:

1. Do what makes you feel good about who you are
2. Love yourself fiercely
3. Do not bear the guilt of another person’s life, no matter how dear they may be to you

I’d like to add a 4th pearl of wisdom: 4. Drink saki and eat sushi as often as time and money allows.

After all, she’s living her dream of going to grad school. I can remember this past summer when we were together on a picnic bench in Holliday Park. speaking of our dreams. We both spoke with delight of the prospect of returning to school. Alas, I succumbed to crushing debt and self-doubt, but she perservered (there’s that word again) and will be getting her graduate degree in whatever?? in a couple of weeks.

In a word: Pride

I’m proud of her accomplishments. She should be too. So we are toasting her success with saki at Sakura’s on January 26th.

Join us if you like. Toast your success and perserverance in the plans and dreams from 2009.


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