scratching the itch

I have been itching to blog today, but at the same time every time the urge hit me, i’d pull back and allow another distraction to take hold.

Alas, the work of the saboteur.

I posted my first poem, “Courage”, on my blog today. I “summoned the courage” after watching a movie entitled Julie & Julia. This movie parallels the lives of Julie Powell and infamous cook, Julia Childs.

I rented the movie out of curious boredom and found the story fascinating. It is a story of perserverance to reach a goal. There is a line in the movie: “i’m not a writer because i’m not published”  that to me is like chalk on a blackboard.  Seriously.  

Julie Powell finds fame and fortune and self-esteem when she sets out to prepared 524 dishes invented (or perfected) by Julia Childs in 365 days and creates a blog to document her adventure.

it got me thinking…about blogging that is. I am blogging to document my literary journey this year as an emerging artist.  “Emerging artist” has that same resonance to it as the line in the movie about being published.

What exactly does “emerging artist” mean? From where or whom am i emerging?  How will I know when my emerging is complete? Will it be an internal thing, or will someone on the street go: “Look, up in the sky…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no–it’s an emerging artist!”

And so, i write; or type actually, in disagreement with the main character’s assessment of the writing life. i believe that  you are a writer even if noone ever reads a word  you put in print. take this blog for example. i suspect that few people will ever see what i have written here, but that does not take away the significance of what i have to say–does it?

thus the internal conflict. Why do i do what i do if noone knows i’m doing it?

Perhaps this is a good place to stop. after all, it is tomorrow already.


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