chaos, zen and yoga

the day began with a failed appointment with the physical therapist. despite my best efforts i was late arriving  at the physical therapists’ office. first i thought the solution was to wait until she had a break in her schedule. then i realized how much time i would waste with that plan. so then i spoke with the receptionist and elected to try to reschedule with the PT tech. this resulted in a disastrous suggestion that i try for 8 am two days from now. my rationale for turning down the reschedule was the unlikelihood that i would have better luck making an 8 am appointment than i did for an 8:30 am appointment. 

the receptionist and i both saw the logic of that concluson and we agreed to part ways.

however, this meeting of the minds left me without a physical therapist appointment. Ergo the chaos.

then i had a surreal moment … a Michael Douglas moment reminiscent of his 1993 movie “Falling Down” in which Douglas has a really, really bad day. this day began like that, but improved with time. However between walking into the clinic to have the receptionist tell me I was too last to see the therapist, to paying my last $2.00 to get out of the Wishard parking garage, somehow  i began to channel his character.

As for the zen, on the bright side, i received a confirmation e-mail today that i’m on for beginning yoga next week. i have missed yoga for almost a year and i’m eager to resume my practice. i think a well-established yoga practice, which takes about 21 days, will benefit me far more than lying on a flat board for 30 minutes once a day (physical therapist’s idea of ‘the rack’).

PS: I wrote nothing today.

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