…all in a days’ work

today was one of those days. i mean, one of those i-can’t-go-on kinda days that really challenge the soul of a woman.

i turned to writing to ease and comfort myself. For my trouble, i now have chapter 1 of my chapbook for Pecan Grove Press.

the chapbook is turning into something astounding. the subject: death, dying, dead people and dead things. Uplifted? You betcha!

it’s full of suicide notes, personal observations about death and memorials. Chapter one is predicated on the writer’s morbidity and need to kill herself. in fact she has been at that place so many times that she begins to have trouble keeping track of her suicide notes. In the theatre of darkest comedy she tries an alphabetical system that fails. then she resorts to a numerical system.

this worked for a while…until she reaches suicide note #106 and decides to stop numbering them…

then eventually she stops writing them leaving the world to wonder what really pushes her over the edge. She commits suicide ultimately by walking out into heavy traffic. But not just any heavy traffic.

“Breakdown” (see Blog Pages/My Writing) is a piece in chapter I about a writer who is intent on commiting suicide in order to get her family’s attention but is upstaged by September 11th. She just can’t do anything right, so she meanders down toward ground zero, and in the chaos that followed the collapse of the twin towers, she steps off the curb into the path of an ambulance racing toward the scene.

More to follow :-0)

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