give the poet a break

not a lot of time and i didn’t get to blog last night, but i had a blast off time with my poetry buddies. Nsaychable had a concert at EarthHouse, I got on the mic, and i realized i have a crush on aLLEN iMAGERY. didn’t see that last one coming. aLLEN, if you’re reading this, hug and kiss yourself. You’re safe with me, and i won’t cause no trouble. but i find that i like looking at ya and i like what i see! :-0)

anyway, Nsaychable spoke of things in my heart, like being tried in the fire of life but being UNBREAKABLE, and turning and walking away from shit that happens every day. she spoke of being betrayed by a lover who wants her body but doesn’t have time for her passion: writing and spoken word. so I guess you could say in a way i got a crush on Nsaychable. So Nsaychable, if you’re reading this, don’t worry–your safe with me and i won ‘t cause no trouble.

finally, and i gotta go after this, i got on the mic last night and was smoking–if i must say so myself. i read “i”m channeling phyllis” and it was okay, even though I’ve rewritten the piece so many times, I’m almost back at square one.

later ya’ll.


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