writer’s retreat

This afternoon i was able to hang at Panera’s and work on my chapbook–sorta. I started with a big bowl of cheddar broccoli soup. Yum, yum. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like cheddar broccoli soup at Panera’s!!! I also got a mug of Dark Roast coffee and I was, as Lovie Jane would say, ‘fit to be tied.’ I miss Lovie Jane so much. I think about her every day.

So after my snack, i got down to business. I started with reading through a series of articles published in this month’s Writers’ Digest about the creative process. I am endlessly intrigued by the “writing process” so this was a no-brainer. But something struck a chord in me while I sat and read. It was an article about creating ones’ own writing retreat, without having to leave town or drop a small fortune on room and board at somebody’s home that overlooks an ocean.

A writer’s retreat can happen anywhere, and i realized that i was on a writer’s retreat at that moment. I have mentioned this before but it bears repeating: i love my get aways to Panera’s Bread. It’s usually cozy, warm and relatively quiet, and i can people watch, read, write, chat, blog, surf, or just nap over in the corner in the comfy brown leather chair–my chair.

so i’m grateful for the gift of love today because i had a writer’s retreat. i came home full of energy (and black coffee) and got back to working on the revisions of my chapbook. this week i intend to finish assembling the manuscript, while double checking with Pecan Grove Press about a discrepancy in the submission deadline. Then i mail it off and wait for them to offer me the deal.

Something that i read that resonated with me was that all of my writing is creative writing. Even the e-mails, business correspondence, newsletter articles, etc. that I bemoan. It all counts toward craft and for me personally, learning to avoid passive voice.

more later. i am glad about today.


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