orphaned children

Tonight I’m restless, tense, anxious. Can’t seem to get my arms around what the problem is. I’m sitting in Panera’s Bread on 56th Street, trying to calm myself down and telling myself that everything is going to be alright.

Problem is, I don’t believe myself.

Its true, the cream of chicken and wild rice did work magic on my jangly nerves, i have been like this ever since leaving the meeting this morning regarding my job duties over the next two weeks.

i think just thinking about what all has to be done with regard to my work in two weeks is overwhelming. so when i get overwhelmed i escape to my writers’ retreat and try to be creative.

Jazz piano music in the background does not hurt one little tiny bit either.

So, I’m writing. Reflecting on the children of Haiti who are orphaned, homeless and hungry. Here’s what I came up with:

Wishing For A Rainy Day
(Reflections on Haitian Orphans)

Look out the windows at

A nation of orphaned children


A city of children

A homeless brood that walks

For miles on barefeet

Tiny toes in sandals

Across concrete, glass and asphalt

Like hunted animals or

The prey for jackals
Staggering down bloody boulevards

Huddled together in broken doorways

Or openings in crumbled buildings

With wild eyes

And vacant stares

Haunting our waking dreams
Wishing for rainy days


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