The story I want to follow.

Mainly I made a promise to myself: a promise that I would journal or blog every day for a year and see where I am with the art of writing thereafter. Little did i know that i would feel such urges to write and find myself so conflicted. So tired at times, that I force myself to go to bed and don’t get to the blog.

Last night was a perfect example of what I’m talking about: My cousin Polly called at 12:30 AM and we talked for an hour. I was so exhausted I could barely pull the covers back on the bed, let alone stay at the computer.

But I’m filing this blog under the wire.

Lately, i’ve had my creative, poetic mind on the plight of so many Haitian children. Everyday, I’m bombarded with the tiny little faces of chocolate colored children who have no mother, no father, no family, no identity. Some so young that they literally cannot speak for themselves and thus, rescue workers cannot identify them, nor establish if they have family living on the island or not.

Oh, the tragedy of the child who is fostered and adopted away to the united states only to learn years later that their momma and daddy were alive after the quake and had spent their lives looking for their baby! Now that’s a story if I ever heard of one. I must put some meat on that bone–quickly.

But my heart breaks every time I see these little innocents. tonight hollywood for the most part came together to raise money for Haiti. They called the 2-hour telethon “Hope For Haiti” That’s good. I heard that Sandra Bullock donated $1M of her own stash. What does that feel like? to be able to give away $1M and not blink? How many zeros are there anyway?

Anyway, I also read where Senegal is offering land to displaced Haitians for free. They can rebuild their lives ‘back home’ as it were, since historically the Haitian people, a hybrid people of African and French descent who were displaced as slaves are in large number from the country of Senegal.

This is the story I want to follow.

This is the first time anyone has publically touched on the truth of the woes of the Haitian people: Voodoo that evolved from their African roots and African practices.


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