intimidated by blank space

I am intimidated by this blank page.

I am mulling over the events of the day, as I should. After all, the events of the day form the content of my daily blog…and I must remain faithful to what I intend to do–write every day.

So why is a blank space so scary?

I must fill it with who i am.  And that’s not always so easy. Take for instance today. I began to experience a sore throat last night and resolved that if I retired to bed early enough I could catch up on the rest I needed to recover and hopefully circumvent further symptoms. I felt certain that the wisest thing I could do is stay in and avoid people on Sunday. I felt a little tug of guilt because on 5th sunday, I am supposed to usher at church, but this sore throat is persistent.  I decide to go to bed and see how I feel in the morning.

Before my feet hit the floor, my waking thought is “I want to go to church.” So I put the plan in motion to go to church, serve if I must and speedball home to my hot toddies, lemon drops, garlic, salt-water gargling, and Vitamin C. I am rested more now, having slept for 3 hours this afternoon. I feel a little better, although i am crossing the threshold of January into February as i see the on-board clock is 12:31 AM.

Julie spoke of dribble. I think this is one level beneath that. I think it’s drib.  Good night, folks. I’ll have better adventures this week. The super hero will be back in her tights and flashy arm bands next week.  There is much to be said for an uneventful life. Peace.


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