a look at life

Today is February 5th and it is 11:51 PM. The day is almost over. Outside it is snowing, snowing, snowing. It’s beauty hangs from the branches of the trees like diamond earrings and necklaces. It dangles like sparkling crystals off the eaves of roofs and the awnings that protrude from doorways. It ramps up around corners where the wind sweeps and stacks it. No animals are seen yet one knows they are there. Where in the world do all the animals go when this happens?

Today is February 5th and I learned that a neighbor’s grandchild died. The funeral was this morning at 11:00 am. The baby had been in the care of his father who allegedly abused the child. The baby was six months old. It made my stomach turn when I heard this. I began to weep and my spirit was grieved deep inside.

I’m trying to pray that this family forgive the wrongdoer. I’m praying that I forgive them as well. It is then that the snow began to fall and covered up all the ugliness of the morning’s news.

Things are a little dry at the moment for me–the writer. All I can think about is how amazing life is. We humans make plans and strategize about the outcome of our lives. But if we do not submit these plans to God every day, they will not succeed. It is as if we must actively clear what we want to do with God. I have decided that as best I can, I will share my plans with God every day. That way, his purpose and my plans align and I can move forward.

Afterall, there has been a significant shift in events of late. Things are taking shape around me. I feel the artist in me rising up. I’m very excited about the writer’s workshop. I learned today that there is another writer joining me at the workshop. Her name is Robin Throne and she is working on her minimalist style of fiction, whatever that is.¬†

It’s all good ’cause she’s an artist too. And I’m doing this for the artist in me.

More to follow…

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