fade to black

Snow greets sky
splits an alley for sun
to bowl a strike
gray parts for blue
to unfurl like a banner
waving and tossling
on the 10 AM flagpole

I write this short poem about a day that has its own special beauty like few others I have seen. Wet snow has fallen since 10:00 AM yesterday and now it clings to trees and bushes like cheap rhinestone jewelry on a two-bit hooker. 

I will write today.

I, like the rest of the city’s inhabitants, am snowbound to some degree, so this presents itself as a fine opportunity to get something done. I need to write something new, or at least work on one of my “new” projects.

Like the piece on Haiti.  The newest developments of the story of the Baptist missionaries who tried to take 33 children out of Haiti into the Dominican Republic without proper authority fascinates me. Some of the children were not orphans and allegedly these children and their families saw photos of opulent homes and well-manicured neighborhoods.

The children, weakened by hunger and thirst; the parents, crazy from sleeplessness and worry, succumbed to the do-gooder.

The thought of being lifted literally out of poverty, disease, hunger, rubble, thirst, hopelessness, death, dying was apparently intoxicating and the 8-, 9-, and 10-year-olds grabbed the hands of Baptist, white, American missionaries doing “God’s work” and walked away with them.

Have mercy, Lord, on the souls who would intentionally do that.

Lights up.

A piece of American cheese sits innocently on a Ritz cracker in the middle of the darkened room. It is barely visible to the mouse-child who, more by instinct than by sight, moves quickly and expeditiously toward it, looking neither left nor right, not breaking its focus on what is believed to be a tasty morsel in the middle of the room. Tiny mouse-child paws reach out to grab the morsel and as the grip is made, the trap is tripped and the mouse-child is caught, trapped by the grip of the grab for salvation and satisfaction.

Lights out. Fade to black.


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