writing is a calling

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, suffice it to say that I have been doing work on the computer for roughly 12 hours. Thus,blogging is the last thing I want to do, and creative writing is even harder.

today i saw that Tasha Jones is in town doing a concert next week. i have invited my friend and writing buddy Julie to attend with me (if I have the strength). it’s always so interesting, i have the heart and zeal of a 26 year old and the body function of someone twice that age. I always poop out in a corner, curled up to take a nap. I wonder if i have become what i feared–an old lady.


onward through the mist. i am getting closer to discovering the theme of the book i am prophetically called to write. i realized this am in prayer that i am to write the story for the women who think something is wrong with them, that they are unloved, uncared-for and unwanted. Throw away women–like me. the book becomes more and more urgent in my spirit. i am patiently awaiting for God to speak to my spirit and for the words to flow.

i already have an inkling that my journals over the past few years are a basis for the novel. 

meanwhile,  i am preciously holding on to those two $5.00 bills. my son tried to get one. i pushed his hand away.  i must keep the plan to myself, although in my exuberance, i did tell one person. I hope that wasn’t a mistake.


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