anxious to listen to quiet

I have been writing. Though not what you would have expected. No, my expertise is developing in the art and practice of brief e-mails in response to questions about Motown Story, a production of the Asante Children’s Theatre.

“Yes, we still have tickets.”
“No, we have not yet sold out.”
“How many tickets would you like?”
“Sorry, I cannot hold tickets for you.”  and my personal favorite…
“I can meet you in the Value City parking lot this evening.”

Perhaps that’s the poem…all my e-mail responses. After all, poems are everywhere!!!!

So yes, I’ve been writing. Just not what you think. I feel so estranged from my poetic voice, it feels as if I have no voice at all. I feel as if I’m cheating on a lover by working so hard on ACT stuff while neglecting the thing I love.  Just before I entered this dark tunnel of work, labor and toil for another’s benefit, I asked God to take care of my talent, my gift, my lovely thing. He has held it well. I am trusting him with my career, the poems yet unwritten and the book.

The dark tunnel is like a coal mine. I sent in a canary two weeks ago, and have not seen her since.

I had a chance to speak with Dr. Bill Burris who teaches creative writing at Martin University. He was so encouraging and supportive, and we chatted for an hour about my re-entry into the academic world. He has a doctorate in Literature from a college in Massachusetts. He teaches Creative Writing and Poetry at Martin. He has re-stirred my desire to gain knowledge of craft in the literary art.

So now I entrust God with how to get me back in school and pay for it, all the while I work with ACT.

Talking with Dr. Burris was like a breath of fresh air. I had not spoken of my aspirations for at least two weeks, having neglected even this blog which was (is) my chronicle of the journey to being a good writer. We talked about how I should investigate scholarships and writing contests to fund my education. I humbly reminded him that I have no real published work and my work does not seem good enough. It reminded me also that i have not submitted anything for consideration since late January.

I can’t wait to get back to writing.

I can’t wait to get away from people and listen to quiet.

I can’t wait to turn off my cell phone, light a candle and meditate on the art of writing.

It is good to blog.  Okay, back to work.

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