I’m thinking about David Mura and Voices of Our Nation writing retreat in 2007. It was at VONA that I learned how sacred the writing practice really was (and how subject to attack the writing practice is). David told me then to treat my writing practice as sacred, suggesting that the first thing I do each quarter is carve out my writing time. Treat this time like I would a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment. Don’t give it up so easily–who knows when you’ll be able to get back in. 

So this morning I am doing just that. Carving and marking out time in the morning that I need to devote to what is truly important: (a) devotion to God and (b) writing, with a little yoga thrown in for good measure. It is vitally important that I protect this “therapy” time and treat it as if it were a doctor’s appointment. Afterall, without writing, I go crazy.

Thus, therapy will also resume every Tuesday from 6-8pm at Paneras Bread with my notebooks and poems and red pen, ready to record, reflect and revise. The only exceptions are if mother succumbs, or if something happens to Chris. But ACT will no longer have that hold–that power–over my writing life…

…if I have anything to say about it.

and afterall, this is all about defending what is mine anyway, so i would have something to say about it. Or at least I should.

Perhaps the afternoon sessions are “shock therapy!”

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