An army of trees
stand at attention,
awaiting their orders
to mount a green offensive

capture an artists’ fancy
a swirl of white, purple & fuchsia
the hills and valleys are alive
with a thousand wooden soldiers

ready to March
lady April and her handmaiden May 
packed suitcases sitting by the door

spring awaits

I am in Brown County, Nashville, Indiana. The drive down on IN-135 was spectacular, as I had hoped it would be. The trees that I saw were wooden soldiers of oak, birch, maple, elm, cedar, evergreen and spruce. Some of the trees are a rusty yellow color, having held on to their leaves religiously despite the cold, the wind and the snow of the season just past.

Today is rainy and cold; it has been this way all day. At times there were downpours, sheets of rain that threatened to run me and my anonymous traveling companions off the road.

Then a few yards further, like driving through fog.


I knew as soon as I pulled into Nashville that I would want to stay an extra day. But time is of the essence and I’m here for very specific work:


and prayer. I will begin my day with prayer in order to set the tone of my time here. I will ask God to give me another opportunity, yet this year, to return to this beautiful place. This place that stands anxiously ready to turn green and grow.


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