a day of intentionality

I had a less-than-restful night’s sleep. After finally arriving in Nashville, unpacking my hurriedly-packed duffle bag, I settled into my space. It is wonderful writing space, although not much of a view from the window. The architechs and planners were obviously NOT writers, or they would have put the desk in front of a different window.

However, before condemning the planners of this bed & breakfast, there might actually be a stroke of genius at work here. I am not distracted by scenery and beauty when in the room–thus, I must go wandering to find the beauty.

Now you can understand the genius here.

It is definitely spring, albeit early spring. The day is cold and gray and I notice now that that army of trees I wrote about yesterday, upon closer inspection of the troops, has buddings but no leaves have formed yet. Nevertheless, because the season has changed, daffodils and crocuses are opening up at the foot of this amazing army, and tulips are forming heads inside their leavy cores.

Today I intend to take my notebook and make further observations of my surroundings. It is a day of intentionality, where I become aware of the present and stop living in the future (or the past for that matter) for a while.

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