writing dreams

Utterly ashamed. Humiliated. Embarrassed. Here it is, Day 2 of National Poetry Month, and I have not blogged since March 29th!!! Outrageous.

However, before I face the firing squad, give me my cigarette and let me explain part of the reason for neglecting the blog.

First, I lost my internet connection while in Brown County and could not gain access to the website.

Then I got hung up on emotions and feelings…again. made to feel like a kid caught out back smoking one of her father’s cigarette butts because i disappeared and took a couple of days off work. I felt like I was 9 years old explaining why I hadn’t done a chore.

How’s that for an answer to the question?

Today I considered this the more and came to the conclusion that i loath to be tracked, clocked, kept up with, monitored, etc. I would not do well in prison, with prying eyes on my every move. I consider myself a private person and I decline to invite you into my world and respectfully reserve the right to push your nose out of my business when necessary.

and it is often necessary

Now that i’ve gotten that off my chest, i can get back to the real work, the work of writing. yesterday, i took myself out for breakfast and read an article in a trade magazine regarding how writers encourage themselves and keep afloat in rough economic times.

The article was entitled Keep In Writing Shape by Micheal P. Geffner (Get Published, A Supplement to The Writer mazagine, Feb, 2010).

In this article, the writer outlines 10 strategies learned from his writing mentor. The mentor challenged him to take what he had learned and share it with other aspiring writers. 

Geffner ends his article with this simple phrase: “Fight for your writing dreams with all your might and never let go!”

This sums up what is in my heart, and I suspect, the heart of every writer…

writing dreams on gossamer wings that float just above my head/
sometimes when i reach out to them i feel the cool of them/
other times they are warm and fuzzy/
once i touched a writer’s dream and it evaporated like a snowflake on warm concrete/
but the ones i could get a hold of i have held on to tightly/
at times they do not see the light of day/
for fear they will be spirited away by the twin dragons of obligation and duty

And so it is that I have written a poem on April 2nd for NPM. I commit to myself and my reader (I know there is at least one person out there, other than me, who reads this dribble) to write a poem every day in the month of April.

I foolishly let my emotions rob me of April 1st, so i will write one last poem on May 1st instead. no going back, only forward toward my dreams.


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