wild strawberries

while pulling wild strawberries
nature paused to teach me
another life-lesson
about perserverance
because hidden in this wild strawberry patch
is clarity about my own survival

mother nature sits me down and tells me
‘latch on to whatever is nearest
hide your roots within the layers of others
grow beside and with them
and you will survive year after year’

in furtherance to my commitment to penning a poem every day, I have promised Bonnie that I would do so.

Thus to honor this commitment to Bonnie, I have pushed aside my angst of the day and hunkered down at mid-day to write this submission about “Wild Strawberries”. I realized on the drive home today that poetry is all around me. I could be writing about insane drivers and crazy traffic patterns, the NCAA Final Four game featuring Butler University (local university), a 10-year-old boy who was subdued by a tazer, the US Census sending out the forms 2 and sometimes 3 times over, etc.

whatever captures my attention in these next 27 days of writing, I must write.

with or with out inspiration, i must simply latch my roots on to others and grow beside them.


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