porcelain hole in the ground

Day 4 of my personal poetry challenge. Today I was fortunate to wake to inspiration. I heard the song “He Arose” in my head. Lifted and happy because it was resurrection day, my mind was also rested and I knew peace this am. And out it popped. It is a short poem about how diverse women are and how their attitude toward mundane things such as shoes or coffee speak volumes about who they are.

Entitled “Women”, the following is an excerpt :

There are high heel women
and low-slung pump wearing women
and flat shoe, boot strappin’ women
flip-flop and rather be barefoot women

plain cup-o-joe women

double half, decaf latte with foam women
i only drink organically grown tea women
Folgers instant on the run women

Exhausted, having spent the day in ways that I did not expect,  I reflect on how I can go to KFC on National Fried Chicken Day, to learn that they have no dark meat ready.  Amazing.

“It ‘ll be 13 minutes, ma’am,” she quipped with one hand on her hip and a pair of tongs in the other.  “Wanna wait?”

Of course. What choice do I have? I certainly cannot show up at mother’s house empty-handed. What kind of daughter am I? What was I doing all this time?

So there I was, staring out of dirty, grimy, finger-printed windows watching fluffy clouds and listening to boom boxes fly by at 50 miles an  hour but not fast enough for me to miss every foul hateful epitaph against women blurted and moaned from the speakers that live in the trunks of these four-wheeled beasts.
To pass the time (10 minutes to go), I decide to go to the bathroom. An unexpected stop, as I had assumed I’d be on my way by now. This was not a good idea. The bathroom held an odd odor which I elected to overlook, because of the urgency of my inquiry. But what lie beyond the stall privacy door was beyond my imagination for a restaurant bathroom.
Had I somehow been teleported to a road-side truck stop bathroom, where the seat of the toilet had been torn away years before and merely a porcelain hole in the ground remain?
Needless to say I left KFC with a full bladder, running to my next errand in hopes of finding facilities more acceptable there.

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