Once again, i will thank Deborah for showing a girl a good time.  for the first time in a long time, probably all year if I’m straightforward, i felt my poetry nature rise. like i was disappointed when there was no more time for no more poetry. i could have gone to a poetry spot right then and there except for the fact that i needed to get home and care for my doggie.

Excuses, excuses. one day–soon–i’m gonna stay out all night long

Watch the sun come up. It just felt r-i-g-h-t, ya know?
but until then, i’ll keep crafting away

Tonight, i told cleo how much his style of delivery means to me. he is able to make poetry seem like little more than conversation, yet you know you are engaged in a conversation that is going somewhere.

In keeping my commitment to write something every dayand because i’m so hyped about the poetry recital we did tonight, here’s what i got:

I’m jonesing
got an itch that I can’t quite reach
feeling the monkey
a bull ina china shop
you break it, you pay for it
gotta scratch the open mic itch
flow for a minute
see where the words take me
what can “language” do for you?
I’m jonesing

Peace to poets everywhere.


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