little miss muffett

having finally made the connection between my love for gardening and my love for God, I am leaning toward launching a new blog on gardening and spirituality. What do you all think? Is there room for one more weblog on the world wide web on the subject of (a) gardening; (b) spirituality or (c) some combination thereof?

today was so way different. i spent the better part of the day with my poetry work. looking at websites, submitting poems, reading about writing; all the things i long to do every day. if i could get a week like today was i would have a running start with the first chapter of my book.

i have decided that the book was overwhelming and thus paralyzing to me. but when i think of it in language chuncks–aka chapters–it began to seem a little easier to chew and swallow. A glass of milk goes a looooooooong way.

Here is my poetry submission under the wire for April 13th:

Little girls who handle worms
spiders and such
should run for office
because one day
one of these brave little soldiers
will be needed to run the country

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