running away

what a wierd, wonderful day. i wish i could write about what i’m feeling. The emotions are so strong, more than once today i burst into tears. everything is going right and everything is going wrong–at the same time. I almost ran away from home…

 i’m having so many financial issues yet i want to shake off the haters and fly. one minute–grounded, and the next, soaring high above earth.

Jessica Care Moore’s poem God Is Not An American is a beautiful wake up call to poets wherever they are to blow the dust off your writing equipment and get down to it.  Her poetry in general speaks to me–i love it. it inspired me to write this one for April 16th:

there is no hope

this damn monster consumes everything
it eats and eats and feeds and feeds
and eats and feeds
until there is nothing
it eats up time with family
it eats up time with self
it eats up time with friends
it eats and it feeds and it eats
up hope

there is no hope
the vile monster has swallowed
it eats and it feeds like
a newborn baby on the tit

never satisfied
always hungry

like baby birds in the nest
poised forever frozen with
mouths open wide
never satisfied
and this ugly monster is never satisfied

it eats and it feeds
on its favorite snack: desires and dreams
like cookies and cream
gnaws hope to the bone 
spitting out splinters and bones and
and belches–deep down
so the sound of it resonates
vibrates against the wall of
your chest where the heart

and must be protected at all cost because
this beast, this monster that feeds on
everything will surely
develop a taste for heart-meat
in one tasty gulp your heart
will be gone and still the beast
the harry, ugly, vile monster

will not be satisfied

until there is no time
until there is no energy
until there are no dreams
until there is no desire
until there is no dignity
until there is no life
until there is no me
until there is no you

until there is no


(c) Diane Lewis 2009. All rights reserved.


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