shake a fist at God

needless to say today has been remarkable. the writing bug has bitten me and i have sat with a poem entitled Simply Called Untitled Until I Figure It All Out. this is my attempt to brain dump every care and worry that besets me and keeps me from getting the blessings and favor that i believe with all my heart are just around the next corner. 

I must remain faithful to God during this trying time. Mother asked me if I was able to save $2 and i am honest and tell her ‘no’. Tell her how close i come to falling off the edge every day with bills and debts and obligations. The money i owe the IRS alone is enough for anyone to say “i’m filing for bankruptcy” and not end every sentence with the phrase

“…but, I can’t afford to ____________________________________________…”
                                               [INSERT YOUR LAMENT HERE; PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY]

Here is my National Poetry Month submission for April 17th:

bathed in chocolate light
she lie naked on the
cold, damp floor
motionless speechless
spent from the rant
of another day in paradise
ready to go home
does the devil know
where she lives? will he
beat a path to her door
just because she dare
shake her fist at God
or will grace cover her
naked shame
once more

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