beauty pie

today i am frustrated with my mexican neighbors. they have set up a wooden coffee table in the drive way, covered with what i stereotypically assume are empty beer bottles, surrounded by cardboard case boxes of Miller Lite beer. adjacent to this are 2 plastic lawn chairs and litter every where. their trucks are parked on the grass and the sidewalk. as i walked by a woman in a white car pulls up to the house. i look at her as if to say “shame” and she looks at me as if to say “what?”  is it like this everywhere and i am just beginning to notice how ghetto my neighborhood if becoming? i’ve lived here over 10 years and i love it here in my house. i hope i am not run out by raggedy, junky people. the trash alone will draw mice and rats; the stray cats and stray dogs, pit bulls and rottweilers no less, have already figured out that they can get a quick bite there.

but i can’t condemn my mexican friends without taking out the black and whites who live in this neighborhood. there’s the white lady on the corner who lives with 17 cats. she shared with me as we gossipped over the fence that she found that one of them, although she couldn’t identify which one, had peed in her bed!  Yikes. I haven’t spoken with her since she shared that tid-bit.

then there’s the black family who got together this weekend to enjoy a meal, some food and each others’ company. the music was the problem, because it was peppered and saturated with every foul four-letter negative stereotypical lyric ever written. there were children around who heard these epitaphs and will undoubtedly regurgitate them later this summer.

actually it’s already happening–the children in my neighborhood have nasty mouths and the last day of school and the beginning of summer is but a month or so away.

I’m not going to move. I’m going to write this summer. this is my year to write.

Here is my submission for April 19, 2010 (poem for the day that i was too exhausted to write last night):

beauty pie


a little black girl

reads that the best looking woman

is a white girl


although she should rejoice

because halle berry got

20 percent

beating out angelina jolie

for a slice of the beauty pie

as did jessica alba

with a whopping 31 percent

according to the gospel

of esquire magazine

so a l’il sistah can try

but not expect miracles


the morale of this



is that a while girl

is turning heads

and dubbed

the best looking woman


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