who the heck is lola and what does she want?

i am happily at the blog trough tonight. i have had quite the whirlwind 2 days, too tired to stay up any longer around 11:30. it was a tough day. i went to bed without insulin which is never good. boy did i feel it today.

my truck is back in the shop for the same nightmarish reasons as back in early January. i’m in a soup with automobile sales people, mechanics, service advisors, shop managers and people who generally wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to them, knocked them down and sat on their chest.

by the way, thank you Lord for Linda Orr.

she was kind enough to take me down to the dealership so i could plead my case. i had to step away from all of it for a minute. it was a bit much to take. no one calls me to tell me what’s going on; my car lie in pieces on the floor of one of the repair bays; the two-hour repair job is now going on its 50th hour; the extended warranty people are doing that same shuck-and-jive about needing to send out an adjuster before they pay the claim; and the coup de gras was the dealer insists i can drive the vehicle over the weekend–just bring it back by Monday am–it will only take another 14 hours for the repairs to be done and no, your warranty will not be voided.

Liars all.

so needless to say i’m angry. seething. yet calm enough to write April 23rd’s NPM submission. Poetry ALWAYS calms me down. this one is called ‘whatever lola wants’

nobody better mess with lola
when lola goes to war
cause this gentle spirit
can create a whirl
suited best for lawyers or bankers
people with money who stir
the pot
but lola got no money
she got bills out the wazzoo
lola got no patience
for liars, thieves and cheats
she been fighting and pushing back
since she was ten
when her older brother
pushed her off her bike
tried to ride away with it
and claim it as his own
but lola chased him for 2 miles
in her yellow and green sunday dress
the one with the big ugly bow in the back
that flutters in the wind
and gets stuck between her legs
when she bends over
got her bike back
so when they started talking crazy
about some repair job on her car
that would interfere with her
weekend plans
she had a man to meet
some champagne to pop
some music to sway to
lola put on her war face
an extra layer of vaseline on her face
ugly bow and all
‘cause nobody messes with lola
when lola rocks and rolls

And speaking of submissions, i sent one off today. I submitted some of my recent pieces. I’m hoping for some good news. I got a rejection letter from Pecan Grove Press although it was one of the loveliest letters of rejection i’ve ever read. Also got an e-mail from the good folks at Cave Canum. They are pushing back the deadline to announce the winners of their workshop all the way to May 17th “due to receiving an unprecedented number of applications with unformatted page breaks”. so because some illiterate bozo didn’t do page breaks, we all gotta sit on pins and needles almost another month! Huuumph. (better go check that I’m no one of those ‘illiterate bozos’).

Until tomorrow, keep writing

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