the fearless life

Happy saturday all. it was a banner day for me. i actually dreamt that i was writing and performing poetry!!! that’s a start isn’t it? i am on the right track. not letting the issues with my vehicle and R/S bother me. (R/S stands for the name of the car dealership–i’m not comfortable naming names yet). I felt unflappable, just tired today.

mulling over living a fearless life. met a womancare taker for a sister-friend who had all her teeth pulled. shared with her my fear and how i am praying to overcome it. there are several things that i would like to overcome this year. getting my teeth pulled is one of them. i’m afraid but while talking to this woman today, i realized that its fear of the unknown more than anything else and the fear is basically irrational. it’s based on the what ifs of life, and there’s no way to control them.

this is where my faith in God must kick into high gear. after all, he made me an overcomer

here is my offering to you for National Poetry Month for April 24th. Be blessed…

God Was Painting You

when God was painting you

in the womb

she used the same colors

but insisted on painting
outside the lines


adamant about using

 the jumbo 64-count Crayola crayons


your entire life fills her pages

one by one the pages turn

as the days go by

occasionally they stick together

frustrating the reader without fail


rain- or tear-soaked pages

the words would run, pool up in one

or the other corner


when God was writing you

in the womb

she used a permanent marker
a pencil with a good eraser

and a thesaurus


the marker: for your tenacity
the pencil: nothing stays the same

the thesaurus: for words to describe

her love for you


used words like “fearfully” and
“wonderfully” in the same breath

imagined you fully made for her heart


when in the womb, God was painting and writing

and imagining and creating and loving


NOTE TO SELF: i really like this poem. it needs work and might undergo a big revision, but i like the concept./s/


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