message in a bottle

this has been another one of those days. quite frankly i don’t know what’s wrong. things were going so well until i found i was trapped. so getting out of the trap is the activity of the day. regrettfully i did not write. i think the trouble i’m in has dried up all my creative juices. its a shame too because i felt i was doing pretty good.

goes to show you never know

things can only get better. humility is a hard lesson to learn sometimes. i think i’m back on the potters’ wheel.

there was a message in the bottle
it said
if only i could reach your hand
i would pull you closer to me
and keep you near
so when the world comes crashing in
you would be there with me
two is better than one
for if one fall in the ditch
the other is there to save them
i need to be rescued
was the message in the bottle

National Poetry Month is coming to an end. This is the 29th but I will push myself to finish another week of poetry. it will give me about 24 or 25 poems. remarkable.

until tomorrow

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