grieving with mother nature

the month of May is finally here. all the april haters have to take a back seat and watch nature unfold for the month of May. Irises hold their breath for the cue from Mother Nature to open their bearded faces and seek out the sun. Rainy days follow sun-drenched days that follow rainy days and so on and so forth.

but everything ain’t so beautiful down south. Louisiana and the Gulf Coast are about to get hit again. this time the water is polluted with crude oil. my heart broke yesterday when i saw the futile attempt by an environmental advocate and wildlife preservationist to clean off the oily coat from an endangered bird species. This picture brings flashbacks to the Exxon disaster.

I was younger then and i wasn’t paying close attention.  You know, living in a drug-induced cloud of reality that was occasionally penetrated by disastrous news such as the oil rig disaster in Alaska that killed millions of birds, fish and other forms of wildlife. being an animal lover, of course this struck me at the core. I grieve the loss of every shrimp, muscle, clam, and scallop. Even the crawfish with their beady little eyes that stare back at you on the dinner plate at “authentic” New Orleans’ type restaurants here in town (although how one can have anything “authentic” and “seafood” in the same physical space in Indiana is beyond my comprehension).

But i am grieved seriously about this oil spill. of course BP lied about the severity of the spill. they don’t want to see more millions of dollars lost to this tragedy. Let’s review: first there was the explosion (which I’ve not heard anything more about the cause of the explosion, have you?), then 11 rig workers died in the fire. Then the structure of the oil rig began to give way. Once it collapsed into the ocean, it spewed oil in every direction 5,000 feet below sea level.

then the robotic arms they sent down to cap off the rig couldn’t find the crucial valve and when the robot found the crucial valve, it didn’t work. so now and for the next 3 to 6 months, billions of gallons of crude oil is leaking into the water and will eventually begin to deposit itself on the Louisiana shore. Well, the good folks of New Orleans won’t have to worry about the levy breaking this year–it will be glued shut by the sticky oil that will have 3 to 6 months to build up on not only the levy but every other structure.

Ohhhhhh. this is really, really bad. Mother Nature is being raped again by those who greedily seek their own without regard to the well-being of any other creature on earch. Mother Nature, run for your life, before the executives at BP get a hold of you.  I hear a plane full of lawyers are on their way down there even now. Let the lying, and the cover up, begin.

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