where is everybody going

cut off in traffic…again. it’s becoming annoying and a little frightening. the driver of this vehicle became impatient with me while in traffic, swerved from behind me, jumped in the second lane and then swerved back in front of me in my lane missing me by just a few inches. this happened on a city street, but it’s been a problem on the highway as well. Scary.

so i’m asking the  question: where is everybody going?

where is everybody going
in such a hurried rush
will the task that compels them
cause a crash and a crush?

where is everybody going
is an emergency involved
does it mean that only the drivers
can of the problem resolve?

where are the people going
in their bright shiny rockets
blue, red and green missiles
launched from their carborated sockets?

National Poetry Month comes to an end, but the writing goes on. I need at least 5 perhaps 6 poems to complete my collection of 30. About 22 of them are worth the trouble of reading.   Now is a tenuous time for my writing. i stand at the precipice of taking some big girl steps toward my career and letting go of hands that have held myhands for a long time.

By God’s grace, my anxiety lifted on April 30th. I am grateful for the victory.


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