do not obey, do not submit

who would have thought that I’d be back on the blog site…twice in the same day. who cares if noone is reading right now. as in “Field of Dreams”, if I build it, they will surely have to come.

i think i brought God glory by sharing a quote from Daniel Hudson Burnham an architect who created some of the most beautiful architecture in Chicago. His quote appears to the right in my Favorite Stuff category and he speaks of the ‘big kites’ i long to fly. 

Burnham’s words stirred my soul first thing this morning and I’ve been rocking and rolling ever since.

I shared the quote with a buddy and if she was being honest it brightened her day. nevertheless she thanked me for the share. to God be the glory–always.

and it gave me pleasure. i spend a relaxed morning sorting e-mails, searching quotation websites and generally catching up with who i hope to become…that’s right. I want to be a well-respected writer when i grow up!

as I type, i’m in my favorite writing haunt–Panera Bread–wrapping up an hour of study. Im looking into becoming a freelance writer in the hope to pay the bills if the day job folds. there are signs and signals but i remain optimistic and i hold fast to my faith.

so many things on my mind, i don’t know where to begin

  • the unbelievably huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (i know David Letterman was joking, but perhaps draining the Gulf is the only solution!)
  • overcoming my fear of having to have my teeth pulled (i’m gripped with fear of the unknown–never do i feel it until that thought crosses my mind)
  • going back to school to finish my Bachelor’s Degree
  • going further with school to get a MFA in Creative Writing
  • resisting authority no matter what or aka never be obedient–never submit (SMILE)
  • writing this book (I’ve GOT to do it, i just don’t know how)
  • loosing Lena Horne (she’s in a long line of elders who are being called home. who do we turn to now?)

Gotta go for now. later gator!


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