it’s a God kinda day

this morning is one of those mornings that beg you to stay closer to the bed; it is cloudy and overcast, about 50 degrees and raining. it’s been raining off and on for the past 2 or 3 days in this region. nothing to panic about, just a sweet, gentle rain that fills the streams and gulleys, waters our flowers and stays the drought-like conditions of the earth.

it’s a God kinda day, a day for passion and intentionality

yesterday i explored where my passion(s) lie. this journey began several years ago around 2004-2005 when i asked God to help me find my passion. that’s when i got serious about the writing.

but i discover these days that the passion was always there. my uniqueness was hidden behind the zeal and enthusiasm of other people. because what i loved didn’t fit into any one elses schedule and didn’t appeal to anyone but me, i allowed my lovely things to do to take a back seat in my life.

awake, arise my beauty
let the dawn shine it’s face
upon your countenance
a mirror reflection
of a brand new day

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