kinda rain

rained almost all day today. it was magical. i wrote a poem about it:

legions of coaches standing with arms crossed
over barrel-shaped, Polo-shirted chests
looking out from dugouts
with twisted expressions of disappointment
adjusting baseball caps and
spitting tobacco on soggy ground

kinda rain

canceled rained out baseball games
soccer matches
football practice
armies of umps in black and white stripes
go drive for the day

kinda rain

umbrellas are out in force
wiper blades keep things moving
tall buildings reflect
in the wet marble streets below
puzzled stuttering weathermen
try to explain how the front
didn’t pass over like he thought
and all the while

under my blanket
i feel the soft warm magic of you

kinda rain

What did I do today to further my chances as a writer? I wrote my butt off for a newsletter i produce each month for work. this would not be a suitable answer were it not that with this achievement I’m able to continue to build my portfolio as I pursue my career as a freelance writer. So there…

See you in the morning

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