…came a sound

came a sound

stopping what i was doing
interrupting my runaway train
of thought
and the work of my hands
came a sound from the neighbors’ house
that I’d not heard coming from a neighbors’ house
in a long, long time
it was the sound of a momma
spanking her child. and at the moment
the sound came
muffled by
the sing-song of an ice cream truck
Pop-Goes-The-Weasel it sang
as it rolled down the street
and finally came to rest
at the foot of my driveway
summoned happy mischievous children
who were playing dodgeball in the street
to vend bomb pops and drumsticks
for far more money than a kid
should have
and the spanking went on for a while
and the crying went on for a while
then the joyful, happy, mischievous children
moved on and I am left
in silence
the sound that came awoke
a sleeping beauty
and I began to think
remember really
about how far away I’ve drifted
from the strange-love of childhood
because of fear
because i don’t love

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