i love the smell of peonies

today i learned a little bit more about  freelance writing. i think it can become a way to supplement my income. i have a lot to learn and much work to do. the webinar i attended lasted 90 minutes. the presenters were knowledgeable and efficient.  this was my “writing time” this week. most of my time is consumed with affairs pertaining to ACT. i worked the rest of the day, feeling torn and beaten at times. i had a small window of opportunity to write in my journal.

the journal is the place where i can safely express my feelings. the blog is where i become transparent.

i also discovered that i’m holding a lot of tension in my body. i had a small anxiety attack but quickly dispensed with it by taking a 20 minute walk. the air was fresh and clean and filled with the scent of peonies and irises. it awakened all the emotion that had been hiding inside. as i walked i talked to God and cried. i love the smell of the air when it is fresh and clean, washed pure from the rain.

i was singing today about loving being in my garden-True Love by Madonna.


with its quiet grace
May brings a peace to the soul
that no other month on the calendar
can provide
the sweet smell of the peony
the musky aromaof the iris
the acrid scent of cut grass

only May can give us

it settles our memories
for years to come
whenever we smell the peony-scented candles
in the window shelves in
cracker barrel restaurants
we are instantly transported back
to the place where we first
smelled it and the warm, safe
feellings it left us with

only May can

prepare the earth for the heat of June
July August
so the rain pours and pours
and we seek shelter from it
and kiss under an overcast sky
waiting for the stars to come again
and the moon to pull at us

only May can coax us out
to play

i’m excited about Friday because its my Tuesday. Art, art, art will abound at least for 2 or 3 hours. where will my art take me? i look forward to Friday and go to bed early in order to be ready. But today was triumphant because i wrote.


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