ramblings of a frustrated poet

whenever i fall off the face of the earth, someone needs to notice. but no one ever does. which worries me a bit. because one day i’m gonna fall off the face of the earth and then what?

the tragedies that are playing themselves out in the Gulf of Mexico have my heart-broken into a thousand pieces. Guerrilla man asked what if…and since he posed the question i have not stopped thinking about it. “what if BP cannot cap the spill?”

what if a year from now oil continues to gush at a million barrels a day from the underwater pipe? what if they cannot turn it around and it never stops? will the water level in the gulf rise and we can walk on greasy, droughted land to Jamaica? what will the hurricanes do to the oil-laden water?

i grieve with mother nature in this tragedy. each morning i get up and apologize to nature and to God the Creator for this tragedy. it should not have happened. it is unbelievable; it is unacceptable.

i am stopped up emotionally when it comes to writing about the Gulf of Mexico tragedy. just like hurricane katrina, i don’t know where to begin or how to express my feelings about it. im angry and frustrated by what is happening. how can men be so stupid and careless? but this type of carelessness runs ramped throughout our community.


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