warrior poets

i went to Norbert Krapf’s  farewell as poet laureate party earlier this evening. He inspired me to write a summer poem about June-bugs. I can incorporate it in my series i worked on regarding the four seasons. Thanks, Norbert!

His pieces are vivid with imagery which i so embrace. and he always finds a way to reunite poetry and music.   I even wrote a little poem for him:

i will work pieces of a puzzle
like he worked tonight
a pinch of spoken word
a dash of music
a teaspoon more music
a little more of spoken word
until the recipe is just right
and his gumbo is cookin’
with some African beats
mixed with some chamber music
sometimes jazz, sometimes blues
like my man Norbert
the poet laureate from Indiana
a super poet with mad skills
must be doin’ something right
’cause it sure smells good in the kitchen

He inspires me to persevere, to seek associations with warrior poets who won’t quit no matter what. they don’t judge themselves by anybody else’s standard or yardstick. They never quit, no matter what. The strength will come, the discipline will come, even the fame will come one day. Shake up–wake up my dreams and don’t let them cower in a corner. Even when exhausted, like tonight, i will drag myself to the computer and do my daily blog entry.

Writing with warrior poets will sharpen my skills like nothing else. after all, iron sharpens iron.

my daily blog entry…my daily bread

Find some warrior poets and keep writing no matter what!

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