daily defense

New month, new post, second chance, fresh attitude. had to give myself a break on the blogging, but i’m back with attitude and enthusiasm. I’m making a new commitment card that includes daily blogging, even 2 times a day. this is what i have to do until something better comes along–write, write, write…every day.

yesterday while being stung  by a wasp defending its nest that it has created in my tool shed, i started thinking. what if i begin a series of 31 haiku poems, each numbered consecutively during this month that capture a snapshot of something that happens to me each day? For example:

defending my shed
from the invasion, the wasp
struck with her enthusiasm

weeds are like trouble;
persistent and always around
to interrupt  flow

Also, last night i learned that my hard drive has a malfunction of some unknown type on the PC. The contraption is only about 2 years old but HP claims it is outside the warranty period. Of course it is if the hard drive is going bad. Only another $180 that i don’t have to spend. when will this financial nightmare end and i wake refreshed.

i haven’t been blogging lately because of the troubles i am having. left and right, something pops off.  things are happening so fast, i cannot keep up, but i’m postponing my trip to Atlanta for a lot of reasons. think i’m going to try to go in October, when my life settles down a bit.

This week’s scripture is found in Psalm 18:25 which reads:

“With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright.”

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