observe the world around you

today was memorable for making some much needed observations about the people around me. of note was the waitress in Cracker Barrel. she was clearly distracted and preoccupied because everybody’s order at my end of the table was wrong: Iris ordered 2 pieces of bacon and when she asked for it, the waitress argued with her about whether she ordered it or not. My hashbrown casserole never arrived and i waited a considerable time for silverware until eventually one of my eating partners went and found me some silverware. instead of white bread, another partner got sourdough bread; the eggs ordered over medium came out fried hard. she gave the extra butter i ordered for my pancakes to another patron. so when it came time to pay for our food, we asked to speak with the manager.

this nearly drove her into a nightmarish frenzy of “can I get you anything else?” and “are you okay?” when in fact all we wanted was to say hello to the manager and one eating companion was playing a trick on him. But waitress was relentless with the attention. It was a classic case of too little too late.

luckily for her, i did not decide to write cracker barrel off my list. I will simply insist i sit somewhere where this particular waitress will not get to me or my food.

so being the emerging artist that i am, i wrote this haiku for her:

my eggs were too dry
my silverware was missing
her tip came up short

like a diamond sky
firecrackers smoke and pop
catch me left to right

firecrackers, like
sharp thunder and gunsmoke flash
lights up the tree tops

Venus sits on her throne
nimbostratus clouds; her bidding
until east wind carries


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