take the artist out for coffee

i greet you all in the name of the Lord. I am taking the moment i need to blog tonight. although it is actually very early in the morning I have been working on some things here at my computer that have caused Thursday to turn into Friday.

Today i’ve been thinking a lot about my decision to postpone my trip to Atlanta. having squared away my decision with Adilah, i now have had to go back to everyone who thought i was going out-of-town to tell them the news. this includes Marlene who was going to watch my pets while i was away, Sheila who had consented to keep an eye on mom while i was gone, Deborah and Keesha. the only one left to speak to is Christopher who suspiciously has not contacted me in the last two days.

this is one of those things that make you go–hum!

nevertheless, i choose to seduce the artist by taking her out for coffee and a bagel at Panera’s Bread on East 56th street and got the creative juices flowing. i am writing a haiku each day about my day-to-day routine (sometimes boring) life. it might make for interesting fodder around somebody’s water cooler some day. This is day 3 and my haiku for July 2nd is:

in our arrogance
we miss the sweet, lovely breeze
and only conquer

if it is not clear to the reader, what i am trying to convey is that instead of enjoying a nice summer breeze in the evening, we spend our time trying to stop the wind, measure the wind, control the wind, judge the wind, etc.

anyway, on another note, today i wrote the 125th poem in my collection! Yippie. This is significant because i am submitting my poetry collection for Accent Publishing’s chapbook contest that concludes this month so i got my work cut out. besides, i want to continue to submit my work to other journals. Speaking of which, i gotta stay focused on the freelance writing thing, which potentially is a lucrative source for me if i PERSEVERE.

more later.


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