summertime essay

i was on my way to take a shower and then on to bed when i remembered that i hadn’t written anything on my blog today. today was relatively uneventful, except that i got additional insight into my poem entitled Feels Like Summer written a few days ago. i heard sounds that reminded me of summer (a motorcycle) and I smelled aromas that reminded me of the season (gunpowder from firecrackers).

as i write, independence day is two minutes away, and more and more people are firing off firecrackers. The air is beginning to have that cloudy appearance as if leaves are constantly burning. but by this time tomorrow night, the street will fill with thousands of shards of tissue thin paper with little wires and sticks attached to the ends, and for a few moments, it will seem a little like downtown Baghdad…but only for a few moments.

and hopefully no one will have lost their life in those few moments.

one of the first
things i noticed
about summer
is that it is
noisy very
noisy traffic and
lawnmowers people
chatting on door stoops
boom boxes blaring a
tune by Beyonce’
or Justin power
equipment humming
a devouring melody
a dog barks
brakes squeal
a husband shouts
obscenities at his wife
a mother calls
for her children to
come home

gardening passion
leads to hours of tending
and one butterfly


tomorrow, my plan is to begin submitting my poems for publication consideration. i am finally beginning to feel as if i am catching up with myself, becoming more again who i am, feeling familiar again. it took two weeks this time. i can feel numbness in my fingers and toes and arms and legs.


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