a little perseverance, a little time

i submitted a poem to a journal called 34th Parallel yesterday. i’m especially proud to report this because i have been procrastinating on doing this long enough and the decision was mine to make. it just took a little perseverance and time.

meanwhile, i am encouraged to do this much more often, aided by the Poets & Writers website page that outlines all contests, literary magazines, employment opportunities…in other words, everything I need as a young fledgling to encourage myself to write that story. 

i gotta write that story. 

but while i’m waiting for my epiphany on the first line, i saw a most spectacular butterfly this morning and his/her appearance brought much needed clarity: more to follow.

meanwhile, here’s the poems I wrote to honor my flighty friends:

then suddenly
butterflies in all directions
fill the acrid air

cat, you’d better not
stretch a paw or try to pounce
when the monarch lights

That is all. Good night all!


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