what does ‘good’ sound like?

i really, really need to know what my best work is. how can i discover what resonates with people? i go to open mic spoken word performance venues and sign up to do open mic. but i don’t know if  i’m getting honest feedback. usually i get polite applause, trying to usher me off the stage before the next act comes up. now open mic has featured performers, these are the heavy hitters who spit rhymes like it ain’t nothing. they’ve got oceans of pain from betrayal, lost jobs, abortions, sexual abuse, homelessness…the list goes on and on.

don’t get me wrong. i have my share of trauma and pain. but when i get to the mic, i don’t always want to share that. i want to try freestying, getting passionate about a topic and the next thing you know, a poem pops out of my mouth.

nevertheless, i need somebody to tell me what “good” sounds like.

i told the blog about my traumatic experience with the meetup, right? well, i am still searching for a better way, a better meetup where there is at least 1 other poet to balance out the male testosterone energy in the room. i mean really, monsters versus robots? droids that fantasize about having human experiences like washing dishes? i mean really.

so dear reader(s) whoever you are…i can only assume that you still in shock from my last post and or too shy to write a comment or criticism to me about it. that’s right dear reader, i take criticisms too. in fact, that would be a pleasant departure from the norm.

here are a couple of my latest haiku entries :

what strange fruit is hung
from dead branches with no leaves
a tree called Stubborn

night is tumbling
stars exploding as
constellations rise

i can no longer
see as nighttime creeps in
chasing day away

Of note: mother told me today that I would have made a good teacher. I’m too old now to do much about that, huh! Perhaps it’s a sign that I can still aspire to teach creative writing to high school students. We’ll see.


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