the best advice i ever received

relax and let God handle it

RCW 108: Massive Young Stars Trigger Stellar Birth (A region of active star formation about 4,000 light years from Earth.)

the best advice i can remember receiving has come from several sources. it generally it involves the concept of letting the universe unfold as it should and stop trying to control everything and everybody.

i learned that i have no control over my life or the things in it when a 50 foot birch tree began to come uprooted in my backyard this past winter. There was absolutely nothing i could do to stop the destruction that was impending…well almost nothing.

i began to pray and i prayed pretty hard that morning. i later head the advice i refer to in my head. a voice (i believe it was the Holy Spirlt) said to me “what appears to be an emergency is not; God can handle it.”

i must often remember this day because there are so many things that come up in life and too often i’m tempted to initiate my own plan on how to handle it. instead, i must learn to let God handle the details.

even as i write this, i know that my back is against the wall about certain matters. i’m frightened and confused and discouraged. but i feel the same as i did as i was watching that huge tree come up out of the ground. it looked like an emergency. but it wasn’t. and what seemingly had me pinned to the wall does not. it’s just a test and i must pass it.

now that you know the advice, the question becomes do i follow it? not always. do i regret it when i don’t follow this advice? absolutely.

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