My Life, Ten Years From Now

in that magical year 2020 and i'd like to think that my writing career will be less pitted against work and family obligations. i think in order for any artist to practice their art, there must be the pull and tug between the art and "reality" as old folks might say. in 10 years, i will have no patience for people who learn that i'm a writer and say things like 'I'd like to write, but i just never have time,' or 'how do you find the time to write…my life's too busy for that."

I hope that i will be free quite frankly. these days, i'm too tightly bound up–too worried about too many things. wanting to fly but not willing to cut the ropes that tetter me to the ground. living in the wait for someone else to cut them and that someone never coming.

I hope in 10 years i will have summoned the courage i need to do the things i find necessary for my own life. like moving away and enrolling in college. perhaps even be teaching in 2020. i'll be 61 years young and i want desparately to be able to do things and not be an invalid or feel like i can't do something. how i hate hearing that word "can't". i believe it should be removed from our vocabulary.

what if i got married in 10 years, or even better, fall in love? i would love to feel that in my heart again. the thrill of seeing a lover when they enter a room and the sense of loss when they leave.

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