what about lawlessness?

today i have been thinking about lawlessness. in the shadow of the violence that erupted in downtown Indianapolis on saturday night, i have returned to the ponderable of lawlessness and ruthlessness in our society.

Poet of Truth surmised that children are suffering from a lack of exposure and she cites the first hand experience of  watching children discover real fruit. as a teacher, she believes in children and wants the best for them. but can she love them more than their parents? can she teach them more than their parents?

and yet parents don’t love their children.  how could they love their children and not teach them to respect authority? how could they love their children and yet release them into a cruel world without a clue how to survive in it?

these children are only parroting what they see and hear at home. they see too often daddy beating the shit out of mommy and then turning around and telling her how much he loves her. they see this dysfunction and others played out over and over and grow to believe that it is natural and normal.

it is not. but too often parents are afraid to discipline their children. rather they strive to befriend their child–like that’s really gonna help.

Here are the haikus i wrote in reflection:

when sixteen year olds
get a beating by police
the family has failed
(7-18-10 for Brandon Johnson, a 16-year-old who was recently badly beaten by the local police department for resisting arrest)

young sisters’ chaos
started in the womb; landed
at downtown showdown
(7-18-10 in response to shooting after Teen Bling during the Iprogram ndiana Black Expo)

lawlessness appears
logic, reason and prayer
must be stepped up more


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